The place to learn about Puerto Rico, the U.S., and … what kind of relationship do they have, anyway?

Welcome to my website, where Puerto Rico’s law, economics, finance, and political status meet and greet. And sometimes argue with history.

I write about the relationship between the U.S. and Puerto Rico for the reader who would like to know more about the chain that binds Puerto Rico to the U.S. (that’s the word the U.S. Supreme Court used!) without having to delve into academic treatises or historical volumes.

I believe analyses about Puerto Rico must consider the historical background of its constitutional development, as well as its relationship with the U.S.: Puerto Rico’s legal framework, constitutional boundaries, and political realities and limits are unique — even if some features seem similar to those of sovereigns or U.S. states.

I hope you enjoy your visits; let me know what you think.

Author: Maria de los Angeles Trigo

Estudio cómo las disciplinas de derecho, finanzas, economía, política e historia construyen a Puerto Rico, y cómo impactan la vida y el futuro de quienes vivimos aquí.

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